Contact Us

Contact Person: Claudia OBrien

Membership Coordinator:  518-584-6270

Office Hours: Wednesday – Friday 8-4pm Office



Title: Joe Kehn, General Manager

Phone: 518-584-6270

Head Professional: Chad Maes

phone: 518-584-6664

Email: Pro

Proshop Hours: 7:00am – 7:00pm



The Clubhouse at McGregor Links

Restaurant Contact
Becky Harbour 

 Restaurant Phone: 518-450-7941



Superintendent : Joe Kehn

Phone: 518-587-4618


Pool Contact: Jennifer Crocitto

Tennis Contact: Mark Rabideau


Pool Hours: Weekdays 10-6, Weekends 10-8. When school is officially out the hours will be 10-8 every day